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How to deal with perfectionism...

Eilidh Milnes

tips to combat perfectionism

How to deal with habits which could be holding you back.

I spotted another great article by Lolly Daskel on Inc. My additional tips on how to combat perfectionism are on this radio interview with Winston Marsh from Melbourne, Australia. If you'd like a copy of the perfectionism audit we discuss, just drop me a line.  

Now over to Lolly; "Are you a perfectionist? For many people it's a point of pride--but it may be keeping you from reaching your highest potential.

If you constantly do everything perfectly and perform everything flawlessly, you may think you're being effective and efficient. But sometimes it's the imperfect performances that demonstrate your greatest potential. Here are eight ways that perfectionism may be holding you back:

1. When you're perfect, you don't take risks.

Being an entrepreneur is risky; being an industry leader brings uncertainty. Being perfect may make you feel bulletproof, but it's really keeping you stuck within the status quo. Risks are a necessary part of growing and improving.

2. When you're perfect, you insist on going by the book.

Being a leader and taking initiative is part of being a visionary. Following established procedures is orderly, but it doesn't give you or your ideas room to stretch. You don't have to give up your careful nature entirely--with just a little bit of creativity and innovation, the standard approach can still lead you to something new.

3. When you're perfect, you're not developing.

Perfectionism often stems from the belief that you can avoid pain by living and doing everything exactly right, but it's only a temporary shield at best. The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and freeing yourself to begin the work of developing yourself.

4. When you are perfect, you can't push the envelope.

The path to perfection is doing the same thing the same way again and again. But when you intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations, you engage in conscious reinvention. The rewards? Creativity and innovation." Read more on Lolly's article.

You need to know what perfectionism may be costing you so you can make the most profitable investment of your best potential. Then cut yourself loose from any thinking that prevents you from taking risks, showing initiative, learning, developing, and growing."

I have the pleasure of living with a husband who has perfectionism in his genes! He states his is not a perfectionist more of a "correctionist" or "properist!" What joy!  Focus on your passion today, not perfection! 

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