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Speaking with Confidence, Inspirational Public Speaking

Eilidh Milnes

Eilidh speaking with confidence

Last year I was interviewed by a number BBC radio stations...

They wanted advice for the Brit Awards MC, James Corden. He made a classic presenter's blunder last year, so it was particularly fun chatting on Five Live to Nicky Campbell and sharing expert speaker tips. Nicky tried to trick me with an unexpected news flash! Fortunately, I'm primed to expect the unexpected - are you?

Speaker confidence is a popular topic;

And when it comes to presenting people want to own the stage, command the audience’s attention and get their message across. The Pareto Principle applies in speaking 
Most people, something like 80% of the population, have a list of what holds them back from being a competent speaker:

  • I’m short,
  • I’m too tall,
  • My accent gets in the way,
  • My voice puts audiences to sleep,
  • I’m too soft-spoken,
  • I'm too loud,
  • I’m too old (who wants to listen to a dinosaur?)
  • I’m too young (does anyone want to listen to a kid with no experience?)

What's your unique quality? Your USP?

Here’s the big secret to confidence - see your uniqueness as a quality not a flaw. Your potential weaknesses hold hidden powers. People seem to have a vision of what a speaker should be like. How they should walk on the stage. How they should look or what they should sound like. Well you don’t have to be any of those, you just have to be yourself.

Let it make you standout...

Whether it's your diminutive stature, regional twang or funky hair, embrace what makes you standout in the crowd. Once your start loving what makes you different, your belief in your speaking abilities will skyrocket. No matter your size, tone of voice, manner of dress, you’ll begin to understand your power on stage.

Genesis of confidence

Uniqueness is not a flaw. It as a special gift; the genesis of your confidence {tag_recipientfirstname}! It's the first step in being more confident. Your uniqueness holds the power of confidence. And of course it works across your entire life...

Listen to your body

BBC Radio Devon's Jo Loosemore asked me, "How do you control nerves?" My response, "Listen to your body. What is it saying?" Does your stomach leap and heart race ? Do your palms sweat and hands shake? If so, your normal. Just relax! Be grateful for the nerves, harness this energy to your advantage. Get all your stomach butterflies flying in one direction!

The most-viewed Ted Talk in history

One of my favourite speakers is Ken Robinson. His presentation is the most-viewed TedTalk in history. Not surprisingly, it is rich with lessons for speakers. In Robinson’s talk about creativity in education, he references shared experiences, signals key statements, tells relevant polished stories peppered with appropriate humour and uses rhetorical questions to great advantage.

Can you help?

I'm a girl on a mission to help young people speak better. It does make a huge difference to their interview skills and job prospects. Do you know an enlightened school/college or university which might be interested in giving their students a competitive edge? If so, just forward this email or drop me a line. Thank you. Ever Positive, Eilidh

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