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The Glorious Nothing Days - Seeing things Differently

Eilidh Milnes

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At this time of year conference work a top activity for a professional speaker. For me "Seeing Things Differently" is a popular keynote. It's a topic that can be tailored and applied across many sectors from business to education and when coaching seeing, thinking and doing things differently is what you encourage clients to embrace. More on Professional Speaker with some photographic evidence!


Is the annual conference of The Professional Speaking Association and October 2014 went down a storm. The feedback from the members was exceptional. I stand in reflected glory. I'm extremely proud of my multi-talented speaker colleagues, who delivered amazing value, information and entertainment. If you need a speaker, please let me know. I'd be delighted to broker introductions.

Be different!

If you can, resist the temptation to send a thank you email. Take the different option and send a personal note or even a text.

Similarly, when you need to raise a matter in the office, walk to the person's desk and speak face-to-face. Adopt this practice as of now. It's a powerful quick win.

After all what would you prefer, an email or a handwritten note? A mail or a personal conversation?  I've just received the above card from Richard de Hoop (he's the fantastic trainer and entertainer who closed #PSAMega). It's his personal card, however he posted it from Holland to UK. How do you think that makes me feel? Who can you recognise in a different way?

Ted Talk

It's comforting to see that Simon Sinek delivers a similar message to Vistage members. And here's his Ted Talk when he addresses How Great Leaders Inspire Action.  And just for FUN - a clever hoovering cat clip which has had a mere nine million page views! 

Glorious nothing days

The final video link is to an advert for Anchor Cheese. It makes me feel nostalgic as it talks about the glorious nothing days… the cheese on toast days… the days that matter. My mother welcomed every boyfriend my sisters and I ever had with toasted cheese. It was her way of vetting them. And I recall many happy cheesy suppers. I have three sisters.  

Why do I like this ad? Because it supports my values. When I speak, I leave the delegates in no doubt as to who I am. I share my family values and apply them to their work environment.

People - your employees - are just like children. They want to feel safe, protected, supported - just like your family.  Make your people feel valued and respected. They will reward you in ways you cannot even imagine.

And unlike children, you get to pick your employees. I know, sometimes you don't even like either group! However, like a good parent a wise leader learns to love his/her people.

That's it for now

Have a noteworthy November!  I'd love to hear of your successes. You can share as a comment below. If I can help you or your organisation just call or drop us a line. And by all means, tell friends about The Confidence Blog. Thank you. 

Ever Positive, Eilidh

P.S. Discover More: Professional Coaching

Lilian VAN DER GUGTEN commented on 30-Oct-2014 03:35 PM
Hello Eilidh, remember we talked at the PSA Holland conference in Antwerp about my story as 'stand-in' for the queen? You immediately said that would make a great title for a speech. I used it as such at the Toastmaster contest this fall and I won the Division (the Netherlands) contest! Always nice talking to you!
Eilidh Milnes commented on 30-Oct-2014 03:50 PM
Oh that's great to read Lillian! Well done! This is an achievement worth shouting out! Are we connected on Facdbook and Twitter so that I can tell people about your success!
Glad we shared that meal 😎������������

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