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Why you are inclined to like NEW? Words at work...

Eilidh Milnes


On Saturday night, Len Goodwin head judge of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing said, "I'm a wind-up watch in a digital world."  I noted this new, different and attention grabbing statement. It reminded me of why mankind has a love affair with all things new; why we are biologically predisposed to dislike old.

According to experts our brain wiring goes back to prehistoric times. Our predecessors noted that those who ate old meat left at the back of caves were more likely to get sick and die. Those that ate new meat thrived and survived. So does this justify our inclination for all things new? It's certainly possible, isn't it? New is a power word.

More powerful words.. 

I was a guest on BBC Radio Manchester's job clinic recently. I mentioned that there are certain words, which are known in marketing to carry extra weight and influence e.g easy, free and of course new. If you are in the job market or looking to create a more memorable Resume Read 77 killer words to power-up your CV.

Are you a meaning making machine?

Find 9 minutes to watch this Ted Talk and take your working memory out for a ride. "Life comes at us very quickly, and what we need to do is take that amorphous flow of experience and somehow extract meaning from it," says educational psychologist Peter Doolittle. His enlightening presentation details the importance of your "working memory," that part of the brain that allows you to make sense of what's happening right now.

Plus, Ten surprising facts about how the brain works makes interesting reading e.g. your best creative work is done when you are tired!

Really!!?? That's new thinking...

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