The Diversity Dashboard & Cultural Awareness

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Preparing your business for multi-cultural to work in culturally diverse teams.

'Flying from your desk!'  How to maximise cross-cultural and international business behaviour

In this clear, concise and practical course, Debby and Eilidh cut to the heart of the cultural diversity issues we all face when dealing with people for different backgrounds. In today's world of expanding international business, staff often interact with numerous nationalities and cultures, both at home and abroad.

Effective communication with different cultural groups is essential for success. It adds another element to the challenging task of maintaining good relationships in order to achieve your objectives. Mutually supportive personal relationships lead to successful business outcomes and these flourish when understanding and respect is shown for another's cultural position.

 Many people are not aware of how cultural differences drive communication styles.
onnecting successfully with foreign colleagues, customers or suppliers involves communicating with them from their cultural position, not yours. In so doing, you'll achieve much greater levels of support and co-operation which will ultimately leading to more profitable outcomes.

 Eilidh and Debby share the challenges of communicating across cultures based on decades of experience of living and working abroad.  They explain what makes us different and how to communicate with colleagues and business partners from their cultural perspective.
During this interactive and upbeat workshop you'll learn why we are all different. The dynamic duo will help you learn useful techniques that you can apply when working and communicating with different nationalities. You'll retain their respect and build bridges of success for yourself and your organisation.

You're guaranteed to enjoy learning and connecting in the global workplace through the enlightening engagement of this one-day workshop.

Workshop objectives:

  • Appreciate the challenges created by workforce globalisation,
  • Identify why your culture differs from that of others,
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour that often creates difficult or conflict situations,
  • Learn essentials of appropriate business etiquette in other countries,
  • Understand how changing your frame of reference ensures better communication,
  • Improve relationships by using cross-cultural knowledge and experience,
  • Improve your connectivity with people of different nationalities,
  • Appear confident and relaxed when interacting with people from other cultures,
  • Become more effective when dealing with difficult situations and problem solving,
  • Develop more productive and happy relationships both at work and socially.

Cross cultural awareness is a skill not a task

Diversity can be the cause of many underlying problems at work that most people fail to recognise stem from this situation. Compounding the problem, most firms consider ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ as much more of a compliance issue than as a sound strategy for developing business growth. Competition for talent is fierce and the demographics of the workforce are rapidly changing. Taking a ‘compliance issue’ approach to your business will seriously inhibit your competitive edge not only at home, but also when ‘going international’.

Helping your people develop culturally intelligent leadership will reap dividends: building on brand reputation, increasing your customer retention and adding to your bottom-line. By avoiding cultural mistakes, you protect your relationships and improve productivity.

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"The Diversity Dashboard - A manager’s guide to navigating in cross-cultural turbulence" OUT NOW! 

Unfortunately, most English-speaking nations have little concept of ‘cross-cultural differences’. The world speaks English and business is constructed in this framework.  Yet you do, you act and you think business in your personal cultural mode and strangely expect the world to do the same. When things go wrong and they repeatedly do, people tend to look for many sorts of causes and seldom that there could be a cultural mismatch. This book will help you look on such issues with fresh eyes.

Debby and Eilidh explain culture in language that is easy to understand. The difference between this and other cross culture awareness books is the focus on real life stories, anecdotes and case studies. This new book will contain the essential research, which underpins cross culture. However it will also be a manual, a quick reference guide, to apply to everyday conflict issues and cultural misunderstandings. It will improve your understanding of how different people think, work and feel. It will help you to breakdown cultural barriers. Reading the book, will result in a more effective, cooperative, harmonious and happy workplace. 

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