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Well-being... Resilience... Stress Prevention

Discover How to Boost Productivity - Build Resilience - Minimise Absences 

Dr Geraldine Masson
"Eilidhism - A spark of positive wisdom, which often makes you smile and always warms your heart."

Sharon Sanderson, Cumbria.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Eilidh on four separate occasions and the advice she gave still remains some of the best I've ever heard. She has helped me develop a greater understanding of why I get myself into those ' not enough hours in the day!'  moments. Her top tips on time management and wonderful catchphrases remain with me."

We help our clients develop and retain world-class talent and leaders...

The problem is that many people spend their lives looking, but not truly seeing what causes their problems. Eilidh helps her clients see their way through domestic and work related issues. She is solution driven. After Eilidh's consultancy one corporate client reported a reduction in sickness rate by 2.3% plus a reduction in attrition rate by 2.71%. Eilidh and her team conducted an in-depth audit and then implemented a robust people management strategy, which included:

  • Development of learning and development programmes,
  • Performance management reviews,
  • Work-life balance with implementation of a well-being programme and healthy lifestyle advice,  
  • A wide range of training courses and workshops including stress audit followed through with  awareness sessions,
  • Implementation of personal/professional coaching programmes,
  • Provision of subsidised holistic/alternative therapies /yoga classes, 
  • Introduction of concierge services,
  • Professional guest speakers.
Solutions needn't be costly or require major changes. It may be simply allowing more flexible working hours, providing a designated quiet room, or setting up buddy and mentoring schemes to give staff support.

Stress at work is believed to cost Britain at least £30 billion each year in lost productivity, according to The British Academy, although other estimates put this figure as high as £100 billion. This topical issue is more relevant than ever, with the current economic climate putting unprecedented strain on employees, as a result of factors both within and beyond the workplace. Last year, stress became the number one cause of work-related absence for the first time, according to the CIPD's annual survey and current figures suggest that this will remain the case, both in the public and private sectors.

In 2013/14 more than 10.8 million working days were lost to mental health issues and according to research, one in four of us will suffer a mental health problem during our lives, whilst 12% are suffering from depression at any given point in time. Mental distress or illness takes many forms including depression, anxiety and paranoia, with a spectrum from mild to severe. When the distress is becoming more severe, the impact in the workplace can be manifold, including poor performance, poor timekeeping, increased absence, lower confidence levels and lack of concentration. 

Inset fun! Images from "Laugh-Ability" Workshops

Heather and Andrew like to have fun!Thank Goodness I'm Fabulous! Dan Massey and EilidhRachel and Pete know how to pose!Rachel, Dan , Aidan and Jan all having fun with positive pointers
Rachel, Dan with Imogen and Kate  -action shot of positive pointersDoesn't he look fab?Rachel and Eilidh... Yup! Look who I bumped into - one of our daughter's friends is now a teacher!

Videos of Hawaii Five-0 Activity - teachers know how to have fun!

Download A Free Stress Audit - just jump here

In business at least 20% of staff report high stress levels and the TUC claims stress is the main H&S issue. One in ten employees suffer severe stress and on average18 days a year are lost due to illness associated with anger, stress and personal safety issues. New figures from the CIPD show that time off work due to stress has risen in the past year, public sector workers took on average 9.8 days off sick over the period, three more than their private sector counterparts; more than one in three employers said time off through stress had increased.

More Stress Statistics...

23% of staff feel extreme anger at work,
At least 15% of employees experience depression,
Staff absenteeism costs an average of £739 p.a. per employee.

Every day over a quarter of a million people have time off because of stress. It is believed to be responsible for up to 40% of all absences. Stress reduces employee performance by 70%. Take education for example, in schools staff illness costs between £15K and £100K, excluding disruption costs, extra work costs, extra management demand costs, other staff absences e.g. teaching assistants, secretarial,  administration staff, care taking and cleaning staff. Due to legal requirements organisations cannot afford to ignore the well-being and stress levels of employees:

Eilidh delivers bespoke training and coaching solutions to organisations that are keen to enhance develop and maximise staff potential. Call Eilidh now to see how she can help you to create a happier and more productive working environment. To find out more,  drop Eilidh a line for her FREE Stress Busters.

Eilidhism. For more quotes and sayings Click Here! Easy Moods new designer postcards
The art of being happy is knowing what to overlook.